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  • Global Health Challenges : Issues in preparing students for developing skills and competencies in global health - a middle range future perspective 

    Paakkonen, Heikki; Suikkala, Arja; Fredriksson, Marketta; Owili, Patrick (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2018)
    Health care professionals are increasingly faced with challenges that require an understanding of global health trends, practices and threats. The PubMed search was limited to articles published in the Lancet journal between ...
  • Digital Brand Management: A Company and Consumer Perspective 

    Bäck, Lotta; Ingman, Edward; Lalwani, Dilip; Müller, Marie; Sørensen-Behm, Caroline; Rosenbröijer, Carl-Johan (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2018)
    The branding of a business is increasingly done through digital channels, mainly social media. In this paper, Digital Brand Management is explored from a company and consumer perspective and analyzed based on five case ...
  • Virtual Reality in rehabilitation: a user perspective 

    Pesonen, Laura; Otieno, Linah; Ezema, Loveth; Benewaa Kusi, Daisy; Hellstén, Thomas
    Arcada Working Papers;8/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    In rehabilitation stroke and Multiple sclerosis (MS) are two very common causes of motor disability in adults. Traditional rehabilitation is very time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, rehabilitation professionals are ...
  • The use of e-health applications in treating depression online 

    Hindsberg, Pernilla; Idi, Vitus; Abdirahmaan Jacob, Tufaah; Karki, Asmita; Zaman, Tasneem; Tana, Jonas
    Arcada Working Papers;10/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    The need for new innovative healthcare services has in recent years become more evident because of the ageing of the population and increased budgetary pressure. One solution to this is the use of information and communication ...
  • Mind the gap - between developer and older end users of health technologies 

    Ahmed, Nimo; Blázquez Ferreiro, César; Kallenbach, Christiane; Matikainen, Dori; Jimoh-Olundegun, Maryam; Rognstadbråten, Marte; Söderlund, Elin; Forss, Maria
    Arcada Working Papers;9/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    Ageing citizens and the use of ICT is discussed to enhance care productivity and promote elderly’s quality of life. At the same time when it comes to the end users, elderly people might be the group farthermost from the ...
  • City Event Identification from Instagram Data using Word Embedding and Topic Model Visualization 

    Liu, Shuhua; Jansson, Patrick
    Arcada Working Papers;7/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    In this study, we explore unsupervised methods and models for identifying city events from Instagram data. We combine the use of event keywords with expansions based on word embeddings to identify semantically related terms ...
  • The use of wearables in healthcare – challenges and opportunities 

    Tana, Jonas; Forss, Maria; Hellstén, Thomas
    Arcada Working Papers;6/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    Shortage of skilled healthcare personnel with the required Information- and communication technology competence have been common because of the fast pace of technological innovations. To ensure a sustainable and secure ...
  • ICT savvy Digital Natives? 

    Ståhl, Tore
    Arcada Working Papers;5/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    The present study takes a critical stance towards the over-generalizing rhetoric regarding Digital Natives and explores performance-based ICT skills among two cohorts of university freshmen. The results are discussed in ...
  • Young consumers’ tendency to use a smartphone as decision-support inside clothing stores 

    Eriksson, Niklas; Rosenbröijer, Carl-Johan; Fagerstrøm, Asle
    Arcada Working Papers;4/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    This study explores young consumers’ tendency to use a smartphone to support decisions in a clothing store. A cluster analysis is conducted based on results from a student survey. The findings generated three tentative ...
  • Topic Modelling Analysis of Instagram Data for the Greater Helsinki Region 

    Liu, Shuhua; Jansson, Patrick
    Arcada Working Papers;3/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2017)
    In this study we explore an Instagram dataset that collected public Instagram posts and comments from the greater Helsinki region during a three months period . We perform a variety of topic modelling analysis on the ...
  • Diversity in Higher Education: A Bridge Toward Global Competency Development on Campus 

    Villikka, Denise; Wallinvirta, Eivor; Paakkonen, Heikki
    Arcada Working Papers;2/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2017)
    This article introduces the concept of facilitating the development of global competencies through campus diversity, through everyday campus experiences. It is believed to be the responsibility of educators to intentionally ...
  • Lohkoketjuteknologian lupaus 

    Honkanen, Petri
    Arcada Working Papers;1/2017 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada Ab, 2017)
    Lohkoketjuteknologiasta on tullut parin viimeksi kuluneen vuoden aikana merkittävä teknologinen, taloudellinen ja yhteiskunnallinen lupaus. Taloudellisesti suurimmat panostukset sen kehittämiseen ja sovellusten luomiseen ...
  • On investigating the individual in the contemporary ICT and media environment 

    Ståhl, Tore
    Arcada Working Papers;9/2016 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2016)
    Research into the rapidly changing area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in society has been performed by companies, educational institutions and governmental authorities as well as individual researchers. ...
  • Working Papers Presented in Arcada Workshop on Analytics in June 8, 2016 

    Pulkkis (Ed.), Göran
    Arcada Working Papers;8/2016 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2016)
    The Department of Business Management and Analytics in Arcada University of Applied Sciences arranged a Workshop on Analytics in June 8, 2016. Five Working Papers presented in this workshop are published in this report.
  • Work ability program produces short-term productivity improvements 

    Surakka, Jukka; Tuominen, Risto; Piippo, Jukka
    Arcada Working Papers;7/2016 (Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, 2016)
    The aim of this work was to study the development of sick leaves and presenteeism during a work ability program that has earlier proved to produce improvements in workers’ perceived ability to work. Productivity losses ...

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