• Arts audiences in Finland 

      Suominen, Seppo (Kulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen seura, 2017)
      A survey conducted in 2013 by the Finnish Cultural Foundation studied Finnish views on and thoughts about culture and its consumption. About 30 % in the sample had not visited any cultural attractions or events. The main ...
    • Fanatic and Energetic Participation in Sports 

      Suominen, Seppo (Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2016)
      Sport participation can be classified into fanatic and energetic. Fanatic is related to attendance at sport events. Energetic sport participation is that a person exercises some sport activity by herself/himself. Using ...
    • The Geography of Sport in Finland 

      Suominen, Seppo (Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2017)
      The main purpose of this study is to answer: Why do teams survive in some locations? How many top teams can a particular town can sustain? How differentiated are these towns in terms of different sports?. The purpose is ...
    • The Intergenerational Transfer Effects on Sport Activity 

      Suominen, Seppo (Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2015)
      The intergenerational transfer effects from parents to their children are strong. If father or mother have been or are active sport exercisers, the probability that children are also active sport exercisers is rather large. ...
    • Joukkueiden nimet joukkuevoimistelussa 

      Suominen, Seppo (Suomen urheiluhistoriallinen seura, 2019)
      In Finnish aesthetic group gymnastics the team names were first seen in the mid 1980’s since it was possible to have two or more teams from the same association in a competition. Simply the name of the sports association ...
    • Riskinotto korkeushypyssä 

      Suominen, Seppo (Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu, 2016)