"data" - Selaus asiasanan mukaan Julkaisut

    • Digitalizing Teaching Processes – How to Create Usable Data with Minimal Effort 

      Kauppinen, Raine; Lagstedt, Altti; Lindstedt, Juha (European University Information Systems, 2020)
      Having enough timely and correct data is essential for decision making, and information systems (IS) are largely used to collect that data. However, the traditional form-based solutions do not always produce adequate data. ...

      Aunimo, Lili; Kauppinen, Raine; Kekkonen, Hami (International Academy of Technology, Education and Development, 2020)
      This paper discusses the exploitation of open data in course projects for business information students. Open data has been used for several years in teaching business intelligence for second-year students of business ...
    • Privacy Concern, Data Quality and Trustworthiness of AI-Analytics 

      Alamäki, Ari; Mäki, Marko; Ratnayake, R.M. Chandima (Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu, 2019)
      The present study investigates the role of trustworthiness of data analytics from the data quality and privacy concern perspectives. In addition to the privacy concern of users, we investigated conceptually the requirements ...