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      Nikkanen, Markku (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2006)
      There has been growing interest recently to study and analyse networks, both among academics and practitioners. As firms, such as logistics service providers, become more global, it has been realized that success does not ...
    • Ethical considerations of Living Labs 

      Nevmerzhitskaya, Julia
      Laurea Julkaisut | Laurea Publications (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2020)
      Do ethics matter to Living Labs? How can Living Labs ensure that the solutions they develop are in line with applicable laws and contribute to the responsible conduct of research? What are the challenges of involving diverse ...
    • Ethical Decision-Making of Social Welfare Workers in the Transition of Services: The Ethics of Care and Justice Perspectives 

      Juujärvi, Soile; Kallunki, Elina; Luostari, Heidi (Informa UK Limited, 2020)
      It is argued that besides the ethic of justice, the ethic of care is essential for social work ethics, and these approaches need to be fused to meet contemporary challenges of New Public Management in public services. ...
    • Ethical perspectives in future studies 

      Meristö, Tarja
      Laurea Julkaisut | Laurea Publications (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2020)
      In this article, futures research and its applications at Laurea UAS’s Futures Lab CoFi will be described in the perspective of ethics. Serving as a starting point for the futures studies are Ossip Fechtheim’s books about ...
    • Ethics as a concept 

      Nikula, Karoliina; Sarlio-Siintola, Sari; Tyni, Jaakko
      Laurea Julkaisut | Laurea Publications (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2020)
    • Ethics as a resource. Examples of RDI projects and educational development 

      Nikula, Karoliina; Sarlio-Siintola, Sari; Kallunki, Valdemar; Alapuranen, Nina; Eskelinen, Anne; Ekström, Maria; Häkkinen, Mikko; Juujärvi, Soile; Kanervo, Riikka; Lahtinen, Hanna; Lund, Virpi; Merimaa, Maija; Meristö, Tarja; Nevanperä, Minna; Nevmerzhitskaya, Julia; Rajamäki, Jyri; Tammilehto, Tuomas; Tyni, Jaakko; Wikström, Tiina; Äyväri, Anne; Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu
      Laurea julkaisut | Laurea Publications (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2020)
      This publication is intended for everyone interested in ethics professionally: research, development and innovation (RDI) actors, educational agents, funders and higher education institutions. The publication will offer ...
    • Ethics of emotions: emotional diversity as part of inclusion and diversity management in higher education 

      Wikström, Tiina
      Laurea Julkaisut | Laurea Publications (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2020)
      In this article, I discuss the importance of understanding how emotions affect our learning, how awareness of emotions can promote our learning results and how it can enhance inclusion of diverse learners in higher education, ...
    • Ethics of Open Source Intelligence Applied by Maritime Law Enforcement Authorities 

      Rajamäki, Jyri; Sarlio-Siintola, Sari; Simola, Jussi (Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, 2018)
      The MARISA Horizon 2020 project improves maritime security communities’ information exchange, situational awareness, decision-making and reaction capabilities with a data fusion toolkit based on various heterogeneous and ...
    • "Että joku kysyisi: miten sinä jaksat" 

      Saarikivi, Carita; Ring, Marjo (Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja ry, 2016)
      Dialogisuuteen perustuva työskentelymalli omaishoidossa merkitsee sitä, että myös omaishoitajan jaksamisella on merkitystä.
    • Evaluating Industry Business Model Innovation Stage-Gate Process : Case Massidea.org 

      Santonen, Teemu; Schallmo, Daniel R. A. (International Society for Professional Innovation Management, 2011)
      The purpose of this study is to apply the first two stages of the industry business model innovation stage-gate process (IBMI-SGP) for the analysis of Massidea.org higher education business model. Our research is based on ...
    • Evaluating private security sector market perceptions in Finland 

      Santonen, Teemu; Paasonen, Jyri (Macmillan Publishers, 2015)
      The role and signifi cance of private security services have grown in many countries, since traditional tasks of security authorities are being outsourced. The goal of this study is to empirically evaluate the perceptions ...
    • Evaluating the Role of Multisensory Elements in Foreign Language Acquisition 

      Myréen, Sari (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 2017)
      The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of multisensory elements in enhancing and facilitating foreign language acquisition among adult students in a language classroom. The use of multisensory elements enables the ...

      Löytönen, Markku; Schwab-Matkovits, Ingrid; Spaapen, Jack; Varmola, Tapio (Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, 2011)
      In this report, the evaluation board considers international level RDI and a high quality research culture as a central means for attaining Laurea’s vision. In order to support this development the evaluation board has ...
    • Evaluation report. Barents Rescue 2015 Exercise 

      Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu (Sisäministeriö. Pelastusosasto, 2016)
      TheBR15 Exercise was carried out in Kittilä in Western Lapland, Finland between 28 September and 1 October 2015, hosted by Finland. The exercise scenario was a real possibility of a severe flood requiring different rescue ...
    • Evidence-Based Wound Care : Development Project in Finland 

      Coco, Kirsi; Okker-Tikkunen, Eija (JSciMed Central, 2016)
      The purpose of this article is to describe the results of the Learning by developing project on wound care carried out by the University of Applied Sciences and the City. The City’s health care and social services have ...
    • Evolution of Research Topics at ISPIM : Popularitybased Scientometrics keyword analysis 

      Santonen, Teemu; Conn, Steffen (International Society for Professional Innovation Management, 2015)
      Previous research has proposed that conference proceedings can demonstrate an ability to innovate and propose new ideas. Therefore, ISPIM proceedings could be a store of novel research ideas and a platform to identify and ...
    • An Evolutionary Network Analysis of Crowdsourcing Research Community 

      Santonen, Teemu; Hossain, Mokter; Simula, Henri (International Society for Professional Innovation Management, 2012)
      Crowdsourcing is an approach to delegate a task to a large group of people, which then suggests their own solutions for the defined task. The objective of this study is to model and describe the structure of the crowdsourcing ...
    • Experience and recommendations of end-user engagement across circular economy business model development 

      Nevmerzhitskaya, Julia; Santonen, Teemu; Purola, Aletta (European Commission, 2020)
      This deliverable includes ecosystemic business model concept and a strategy designed for circular economy and utilized in WP1, WP2 and WP3, as well as coordination of end-user engagement and co-creation tasks and the ...
    • Experiences of Cooperation between a Higher Education Institutions and Industry and its Impact on Working Culture 

      Juvonen, Sanna; Nurkka, Pauliina; Väkeväinen, Kyösti (International Academy of Technology, Education and Development, 2017)
      Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) -related work has assumed a significant role in many organizations, especially in the public sector and academic world. Research, development and innovation work is closely related ...
    • The experiences of nurses and public health nurses on international student exchange 

      Hertell, Henna (International Academy of Technology, Education and Development, 2017)
      The increase of multiculturalism causes changes in peoples' health needs. From the nursing perspective it is very important to assess the challenges of increased mobility and immigration for the development of nursing and ...